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Birthday Party Set: Airplane Party Theme

An airport remain for me a very particular area.
It's commonly massiv and full of active people. But it's also one of those magic place bringing you to some nice holiday, to visit your family or friends.

It's also the starting point of a great great adventures!

Toddlers love to "fly" around from room to room, wishing they could truly fly. So, why not indulge them a bit more? Tell them to get ready for the ride of their life. Strap them in and prepare for take off. Your guests will soar to new heights with all your fun-filled airplane party. They'll be flying high in the birthday fun!

Full collection includes:
  • 2" Party circles (personalized with NAME, AGE)
  • 2" Party circles with Happy Birthday, up up and away, airplane graphic
  • 4" Party circles (personalized with NAME, AGE)
  • 2" Favor tags, "thank you for flying by!" (personalized with NAME)
  • 2.4" x 9"Water bottle label with Happy Birthday (personalized with NAME, AGE)
  • 10" x 7.5" Welcome sign : Welcome to (NAME) airport
  • 10" x 7.5" Party Signs, 6 designs : Happy Birthday (NAME), inflight entertainment, airport check in, baggage claim, now boarding, food court
  • 5"x7" Thank you card (personalized with NAME & AGE)
  • 5" inch squares banner with "happy birthday " and personalized up to 8 alphabet (NAME) banner 
  • Penant Banner pieces 5 designs
  • Mini Penant Banner pieces with "airport"
  • Cupcake wraps 2 designs
  • Napkin Wraps
  • Straw/ toothpick flags with "up up and away…"
  • 7" Party Cones for candy, popcorns or snacks
  • 4" Party circles with airplane graphic, happy birthday, up up and away
  • 3" x 4.5" BLANK Fancy/Food labels and 3,5" x 2.5" Blank Tent label
  • 12 Food Label tent cards (3,5" x 2.5" ) - drinks, cupcakes, marshmallow, brownies, cake pops, cookies, sandwiches, pop corns, chips, sweet treats, hot dogs, ice cream
  • 5"x7" BLANK cards (great for thank you note or games)
  • 2.5"x3.5" BLANK name tag (hang them on favor bag)
  • 9" airplane graphic cut out, great for decoration
  • 5 coordinating papers

Great Ideas for an Airplane Birthday Party Decorations

  • You can create a large yard sign to identify your "airport" for your passengers. Here is the "Jeff Airport"!!
  • Decorate "airport" ceilings with twisted streamers and clusters of balloons with curling ribbons in party colors.
  • Place clusters of balloons and curling ribbons in your party colors throughout the "airport" and especially in the corners.
  • Hang posters of airplanes on the walls.
  • Hang airplanes from the party room's ceiling using fishing line. They can be paper airplanes, inflatable airplanes, gliders, or toy planes.
  • Hang the sign that says "Baggage Claim" on a wall and place an open suitcase on a small table. Fill the suitcase with the passengers' favor bags.

  • If you have access to old suitcases or old trunks (especially if they have a lot of travel stickers on them) you can stack them up or place them around your party room for ambiance.
  • Create some "clouds" in your party room with 4-6 white balloons tied together with fishing line or wire and hang them from the ceiling with an airplane hanging down slightly from the center of each cloud formation.
  • If you have a ceiling fan, attach a few paper airplanes to the fan from fishing line and turn the fan on low so your planes can "fly"

MINI collection includes :

  • 2" Party circles (personalized with NAME, AGE)
  • 2" Party circles with Happy Birthday, up up and away, airplane graphic
  • 4" Party circles (personalized with NAME, AGE)
  • 2" Favor tags, "thank you" (non-personalized)
  • 2.4" x 9"Water bottle label (non-personalized)
  • Cupcake wraps 2 designs (non-personalized)
  • 10" x 7.5" Welcome sign : Welcome to (NAME) airport
  • 5" inch squares banner with "happy birthday" and personalized up to 8 alphabet (NAME) banner 
  • 3"x 4.5" BLANK Fancy/Food labels 
  • 3,5" x 2.5" Blank Tent Food abel
  • 5"x7" Thank you card (personalized with NAME & AGE)
  • 3 coordinating papers

Airplane Party Game Ideas
  • Paper Airplane Contest
  • Assign a table where kids can fold all kinds of paper airplanes (don’t forget to check out this cool site for all kinds of ideas). You can put colored pencils, marker, stickers, crayons, etc. for the kids to decorate their paper airplanes. If the kids are too young to fold their own paper airplanes, create many before the party starts or have and adult make them. You can have various contests with these paper airplanes: such as, highest flight, closest to a target, longest flight, best crash, most flips, largest flip, etc. Provide many categories to allow each kid to win a prize during this airplane party game.

A good tip, on funpaperairplanes, you can download original template for paper planes, they are in PDF format, and ready to Print.


  • Pass the Black Box
  • Every plane has a black box. For this game, you can take a regular box or cardboard box and cover it in black paper or spray-paint it with black spray-paint. Then play this game just like the classic game “Pass the Parcel”. All of the kids sit in a circle and when the music starts they pass the black box around. When the music stops, the kid holding the black box gets to choose a prize. It’s best to do this until every kid gets a prize.

  • Pilot Says
  • This airplane party game is a variation of the classic Simon Says game. In this version, the pilots get to test their reflexes. One player is the head Pilot who will be using the words “Pilot says”. The kids stand in front of the head Pilot. When the head Pilot says, “Pilot says…” (Example: “to hop on one foot”), than all the kids need to hop on one foot. The head Pilot continues this with all kinds of different commands the kids need to follow. If the head Pilot gives a command without “Pilot says” in the beginning of the command, and some kids follow anyway, they are out of the game. The last player left is the winner.

  • Pack the Suitcase
  • In an Airport, there is always running people, carrying and heavy suitcase. For this airplane party game relay race you'll need a suitcase and a pile of clothes for each team (don't provide too many clothes because you don't want the suitcase to be too heavy to carry). Have each team stand in a single file line. On the mark of “GO”, the first person on each team needs to put the clothes in the suitcase, zip it up and walk a designated distance and back carrying the suitcase (you can put an object like a chair a distance away, so that the kids can run around and back). When they return to their starting place, they must open the suitcase and dump all the clothes on the floor for the next person to "pack the suitcase". The first team whose players have packed the suitcase is the winning team.

  • two invitations on 5x7 inch JPEG (for printing on photo paper at print store/photo lab) 
  • PDF printable page (4 invites designs on 8.5x11inch letter size sheet - for home printing)
Airplane Invitation as a Boarding Pass

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  1. I am in love with these Airplane Party arrangements. I too have to host a birthday party for my twins and I am sure they would love to have this theme for their 6th birthday. You have really made my work so easy to arrange this bash. If you have suggestions for Chicago venues then please share that too.